A powerful & secure platform for managing your crypto assets

Secure Wallet

Securing your funds is our primary objective

Using the most advanced technology, we encrypt all data in real-time with a private encryption algorithm. Our proprietary technology combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to secure your assets and alert you of danger in real-time.

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Crypto Insurance
To ensure customers' assets are safe and secure, Palwallet has created a blockchain-based insurance policy using smart contracts. The policy compensates the user directly, into their wallets, if their assets are stolen.

Wallet as a Service

Store all your coins and tokens in a single and secure platform. PalWallet supports 40 blockchains and 16k crypto assets

  • Open crypto merchant in seconds
  • Secure & hold various cryptocurrencies with no fee
  • Protect your funds with our insurance policy
  • Store stablecoins to avoid market volatility
  • Easily earn up to 20% interest on your crypto
  • Recover your funds with unique user signature 5FA
  • Swap or trade your assets in seconds on DEX

Earn Interest
on Crypto

Sign-up for a flexible savings account with Palwallet and put your idle assets to work, earning up to 17% APY in minutes.

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Swap & Exchange

Exchange your crypto directly from your PalWallet no additional fee, swap or trade your assets in seconds

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Integrate PalMerchant and start receiving online payments in crypto. Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 300+ cryptos on your website, store, and social media accounts globally

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Earn Coins
Extra income 24/7

Direct staking from your PalWallet with real time control and highest interest 20% APY. By contributing (delegating) the voting rights associated with your asset to a validator node

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One powerful & secure platform

Manage and exchange your cryptocurrencies securely from your PalWallet.

Secure wallet

Swap & exchange


Custody & insurance

Earn (DeFi)

Lend & borrow (DeFi)

Trading bot


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Past performance is not indicative of future results. Any investment in blockchain assets involves the risk of loss of part or all of your investment. The value of the blockchain assets you exchange is subject to market and other investment risks.
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