PalShield Security Protocol

Securing your funds is our primary objective

Key Elements.

  • Create offline master keys supporting 40 blockchains
  • Generate HD wallet offline BIP 32 & 44
  • Private encryption algorithm
  • Unique user profile signature with 5FA
  • Signing transactions Off-Line
  • Recover funds via 5FA
  • Multi-Party Computation mechanism
  • MPC secret share bounce every 30 sec

Identity Layer 5FA.

  • Ownership of the device
  • What you know – a password / phone
  • User behavior metrics
  • 3D Biometrics
  • Voice signature

Why choose

PalWallet private encryption algorithm using Multi-party Computation (MPC) technology to encrypt the traditional mnemonics (12 or 24 words) / private key with Unique secret signature based on user profile (5 factors) for non-custodial & custodial wallets.

Palwallet ensure you can always access your funds

Palwallet cannot access your funds, and unlike traditional custodial wallets we provide account backup and recovery using a client 5 factors with our unique user profile signature

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